IdentoGO by IDEMIA
IdentoGO by IDEMIA

Fingerprint Card Scanning Services


By taking advantage of IdentoGO by IDEMIA card scanning for ink and roll fingerprint cards you can expedite your application for a Police Clearance.

Electronic card scanning of traditional inked cards can help expedite police clearance submissions for out of country applicants, for those whose fingerprints cannot be properly acquired through electronic means and for those who have had their fingerprints inked by an alternate service provider or by the police.

IdentoGO by IDEMIA uses the latest in state-of-the-art scanners and certified software for scanning and processing of inked fingerprint cards. Inked fingerprints are translated into a digital file, checked for quality and then submitted to the RCMP electronically. By electronically submitting fingerprint records overall processing times can be reduced from weeks or months to just days.

For complete instructions on submitting your Police Clearance application while outside of Canada please visit: as incomplete applications will be returned to you unprocessed.


Take advantage of IdentoGO by IDEMIA's effective and proven inked fingerprint card scanning services by visiting any of our Canadian locations or by mailing two high quality sets of your inked fingerprints on form C-216 to:

IdentoGO by IDEMIA
119 Kent Street,
Suite 160
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 1N3

C-216 fingerprint cards are available from any IdentoGO by IDEMIA office or directly from the RCMP by emailing and providing them with your name, current mailing address and the number of cards you require.

Upon submitting your completed application package along with your inked fingerprint cards please contact us at 902-892-0002 to have your full details recorded and to make arrangements for payment. Ensure that you note the name on the fingerprint cards and the date they were mailed to the Ottawa office at the time you call with your credit card number. Any fingerprint cards forwarded to our Charlottetown office without payment arranged by telephone or included in the original mailing could be returned to sender.

The results of your fingerprint-based background check will be mailed back to you at the address you have provided. For current RCMP processing times please visit:

Please click here for a copy of the third party consent form required with every submission.